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Here at 123 Air Duct Cleaning, we have ductwork experts who can carefully evaluate and check your ductwork system's condition. We conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection to guarantee proper insulation and operations of your duct system.
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Duct System Condition Evaluation  | 123 Air Duct Cleaning

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Indoor air usually becomes polluted when bacteria, spores, dust, microorganisms, and various particles gather inside the air ducts and flow throughout our homes once we turn on our HVAC systems. These contaminants can cause degeneration on your ductwork and decrease its performance. So if you require air duct cleaning, then reach out to 123 Air Duct Cleaning. We guarantee to improve your air quality and keep your air safe and healthy. When a duct system goes uncleaned for years, difficulties can occur on your unit and cause various problems such as wear and tear on your HVAC system. In some homes, indoor pollution levels are at least double as high as outside for ductworks worn out and have several issues and holes. Reduce allergens and keep the air in your home healthy by hiring an expert team to conduct duct system condition evaluation in your home. Get the help of the ductwork experts at 123 Air Duct Cleaning to examine your duct system for any faults, leaks, broken components, and wear and tear.

Here are some essential elements of the air duct system that we examine in our service.

  • Air Handler Unit (AHU).An air handler unit is attached to your ventilation work. This enormous metal box contains a blower, heating and air conditioning unit, dampers, and filters that provide condition air to your home through the duct system.
  • Duct System.The ductwork distributes conditioned air from the air handler to different rooms in the utilized spaces of the building.
  • Return Air Ducts. Siphons the cold or hot air from the room to the air handler depending on the unit being used.
  • Supply Air Ducts.Distributes cooled or heated air from the air handler back into the spaces in the building.
  • Duct Fittings. A duct fitting reducer allows a necessary change from one size duct then onto another. These fittings also balance airflow and adjust pressure.
  • Dampers. Dampers essentially regulate the airflow. Volume control dampers adjust the amount of airflow, while smoke or fire dampers close the ducts when exposed to smoke.
  • HVAC Take-Offs. HVAC take-offs are individually shaped fittings that disperse the right volume of airflow from the central duct into each section.
  • Plenum. This device circulates the air collection and stream of an HVAC system. The supply plenum sends air from the HVAC unit to the rooms with air vents, while the return plenum sends air from your return vents back to a central air handler.

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No one knows the HVAC duct system better than 123 Air Duct Cleaning. Our experience and skills in ductwork structures allow us to give our customers the best analysis of air duct evaluation. We strive to deliver the highest value HVAC and ductwork services in the country. When you hire 123 Air Duct Cleaning, you can expect to have detailed results as we use only the most advanced technology available to evaluate your air duct system. Our technicians are trained to perform cleaning services that follow the industry standards to perform the necessary service for any situation they encounter. Our ductwork technicians also do AC cleaning services for most brands of air conditioning units. You can always count on 123 Air Duct Cleaning for a careful and comprehensive assessment of your air duct system.

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