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123 Air Duct Cleaning is the most reliable choice for flex duct cleaning & flex duct sanitation services. Our ductwork technicians are very dedicated to presenting flex duct cleaning services and affordable pricing to anyone. We aim to perform active services, efficient processes, and years of experience in air duct cleaning to our valued customers. We take pride in offering them everything that they need, using only our finest and proper equipment available. For years, we are one of the leading service providers of flex duct cleaning services for most homeowners and business establishments. Also, as the world is becoming more advanced, our team regularly undergoes training to ensure that all our knowledge and equipment are up-to-date. 123 Air Duct Cleaning can check your flex ducts and assess the condition of your ductwork. Our well-versed and trained technicians ensure that the job is completed right on the first visit. When our specialists inspect your ductwork, they will perform tests to measure air quality, performance, pressure, and speed. The tests will ascertain if leaks are present and if flex duct cleaning and sanitation are necessary. We take into significant consideration the condition of your duct system and your budget before planning solutions. At 123 Air Duct Cleaning, we're able to provide countless satisfied customers with our air duct cleaning services. We provide round-the-clock services to ensure that all of our customers receive the best and prompt assistance in their residential, commercial, or industrial requirements. Contact our company, and our friendly customer service agents will accommodate you. They will cater to your every inquiry and help you get a schedule at your earliest possible convenience. We also do installation of other types of ductworks, such as sheet metal ducts. Contact us today!

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Ductworks in homes or businesses serve as a path for air from your heating or cooling system to your home. So it needs to be correctly insulated to avoid any energy loss and air leaks. When your flex duct is damaged or has depreciated over time, it can significantly decrease your HVAC system's performance and greatly increase your energy bill. If the duct is leaking or full of filthy debris, we recommend you get flex duct replacement. At 123 Air Duct Cleaning, we provide replacements for flex ducts to ensure efficient and pollutant-free airflow through your place. Not just that, we can also assist you in getting a suitable flex duct that matches your heating and cooling system. Before, ducts were made of sheet metal. This material lasts for a long time, providing relatively unrestricted airflow. Unfortunately, sheet metal is expensive and needs insulation for better temperature transfer. Flex ducts, however, are embedded in a plastic sheath and surrounded with insulation for better energy efficiency and longevity. Suitable materials used for your ductwork are essential to reaching optimal performance from your heating and air conditioner. Poorly installed flex ducts could cause leakage that could cost you more money on energy bills and insufficient heat or cool your home. For your home heating and air conditioning system to provide adequate warmth or cooling in your home, a properly operating duct system is required. 123 Air Duct Cleaning provides comprehensive flex duct cleaning and sanitation, including installation and repair services.

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